Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dugaan Datang Lagi....

Dapat sms dari Along....

"Angah..nk bg tau mama jatuh dlm bilik mandi... patah tulang kat tgn kiri...dh bersimen""

MasyaAllah... tuhan terus menduga hambanya yang seorang ni. Baru je nak bernafas lega sikit, datang dugaan satu lagi.

Ya Allah, KAU teruskanlah berikan aku kekuatan dalam menghadapi semua ujian dan dugaanMU ini. aku redha, cuma berikanlah aku kesabaran. mungkin ada hikmah disebalik semua ini. InsyaAllah....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Day The Doctor Diagnosed Ayah With Stage 2 Colon Cancer - Part 3 (Surgery Day)

27th January 2011

The Surgery Day...

Ayah was pushed to the operating theater at around 1pm as the operation is schedule at 1.30pm. Early that day, me and Mama arrived early at the hospital. Followed by my aunty, Along and Adik. We accompanied Ayah until it is time for him to be pushed to the OT. We told Ayah that Insyaallah, everything will be fine.

The surgery took almost 4 hours. The doctor who operated on Ayah called us to show us the benign that have been taken out. 2/3 of Ayah colon was cut out. At around 7.30pm, Ayah was pushed back to the ward. We all felt relief that the surgery was successful and there is no complications whatsoever.

The doctor show part of the colon and the benign which was cut out

This benign was send to lab to be tested on how far it has infected the colon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Day The Doctor Diagnosed Ayah With Stage 2 Colon Cancer - Part 2

26th January 2011

The doctor had scheduled for the CT scan to be done at 10 am that morning. Ayah and Mama looks calmed even though I know deep inside them, they are worried. At around 9.45am, the nurse took Ayah down to the Imaging department to do the CT scan. I accompanied Ayah and advised him not to worry.

In the evening, the doctor came to see us and informed us that it is a stage 2 colon cancer. Dad need to be operate soonest and the doctor had scheduled him for an operation at 1.30pm 27th January 2011.

We only told close relatives about this news and I only told my closest friends. Words of encouraging came from all of them. Me and Mama together with Along and Adik tried to be strong as much as we can. We don't wanna worry Ayah too much as he will be having the operations the next day.

The Day The Doctor Diagnosed Ayah With Stage 2 Colon Cancer - Part 1

Tue 25th Jan 2011

I was at the gym. Just done with my BC and BJ theme class. Got a phone call from Mama telling me that Ayah was diagnosed with a Colon Cancer. They had found a benign in his colon. What was originally a simple endoscopic check up in the morning due to my dad complaining about having a stomach ache for the past months turned out to be something big.

After put down the phone, I rushed to take my shower and drove off to Tropicana Medical Center. When I arrived, Mama calmly told me that the doctor had diagnosed Ayah with a colon cancer. It was a mixed feelings for me. Never expect something such as this to happen in our family. Never in my life. Mama advised that tomorrow, doctor wanna do the CT scan to have a better look at the cyst and how far it had grown. Mama told all her siblings while me myself text my closed uncle which is Mama cousin about the news. Everyone was so shocked.