Friday, November 6, 2009

Is it Appropriate?

I had lunch at Nandos and next to my table is a group of womens believed they are office colleagues. I heard one of the women tell her friends that he has a guy friend which is around 40 yrs old. She said that this guy went to a Bonia Boutique and the Sales Assistant greeted the man "How may I help u Uncle". After giving a synical/mad look at this SA, the guy walked out of the boutique.

Then I start to think, is it appropriate to call your client/customer uncle/aunty just based on thier appearance. Can't they use words like sir/madam which is more polite? Yes I know that the SA is just being nice but some people just don't like to be call with that kind of specific word...hrmmm

Just a thought..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cuci The Musical for The 2nd Time

Again last night I went and watched Cuci The Musical (CtM).. If any of you ask if I wanna go and watch it again, I will definately say YES!!. It seems like everytime you watch it, theres always be a new joke. Furthermore, the combination of the casts, the choreo, the music and the storyline makes the show more interesting.

For you out there who are yet to watch CtM, please go and watch it. I higly recommend it.It worth every sens you pay for the ticket. This show will end on 8th Nov 2009 so u guys have only 7 days more to decide whether to go and watch or not. Trust me, its hillarious....