Friday, June 17, 2011

Frankfurt in 24hrs...An Overdue Post

Had a chance to stopover in Frankfurt on my way back to KL from Vienna. I just let the picture do the talking yeah;)

plane that flew me from Vienna to Frankfurt & Frankfurt Airport

My cozy little room @ Concorde Hotel Frankfurt & Frankfurt Main Train Station

View of the City.....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Vienna Revisit - Day 3 and 4

inilah salah satu pam yang kami jual

Wednesday and Thursday is quite a hectic day in the factory. Pump no 1 had a very high temperature at the thrust bearing which is unusual. They dismantle the bearing and found a burn mark at the inner race. After further investigation, it is concluded that the bearing lubrication is not enough. (remember peeps, make sure there is enough lubrication or else it will burn out.. hahahaha--> sgt stress sebenarnya!!). Today, they retest the pump for 4 hours to make sure there is no other problem arise and the result is good.

Pump no. 2 and 3 was tested without any problem. Tomorrow will be the wrap up day. Client will sign the result and the pumps will be send for painting and final inspection is schedule on 17th June 2011.

A friend of mine volunteerily bring us out for a walk in the city. Thanks Chee Mun for the time and energy.

entrance to my hotel

city of Vienna

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vienna Revisit - Day 2

Safely landed at Frankfurt International Airport around 6.30am local time. Clear immigration then proceed to Terminal 1 for a connecting flight to Vienna. The flight is schedule to depart at 10.40am. Wondering around Terminal 1. Frankly speaking, Frankfurt Airport is not as big and as happening compared to Amsterdam Schipol Airport. Found Starbuck and ordered an ice blended. The barista looked surprised and repeated my order to confirm. Then only I realised that its only 7am and I've ordered and ice blended. hahahaha.

Around 9.40am, I went to Gate B11 as schedule to get my boarding pass for my next flight. What a surprised, as the agent said my name was put on standby because I check-in late. Told them that I have a confirm booking and the counter only open at 9.40am. They, just don't bother coz they said the flight is overbooked. Deng!!. As if it is my problem. Finally, around 10.20am, I got my boarding pass. The flight to Vienna took around an hour.

Another drama at Vienna Airport. The pick up is not there when I arrived. Call the factory and they said there is a misunderstanding and advised me to take a taxi. Double Deng!! Arrived hotel around 1pm. feels hungry and sleepy. Sleepy won and I slept from 3pm till 4am. Woke up and look outside and the sun start to rise. Open the window and the smell of fresh bakery and chilly air rush into the room. Plus surrounded by an old building, what a feeling.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vienna Revisit

Wien, ich komme

Writing from the Golden Lounge while waiting to board the aircraft. The plane is expected to depart at 00:15hrs. Delayed for 20 minutes from the original ETD.

Been 4 years since the last time and this will be the first time I have to babysit 4 clients at once (apasal la nk gi ramai2 untuk FAT. sorang dah le). Anyway, I'm really glad to be the chosen one yet again.. hahahaha

Will try to update again while transiting in Frankfurt. Till then, please pray for my safe trip. Nite everyone...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Update

Wow.... It has been a while since my last post. Lots of thing happens since then.

Dad update... Alhamdulillah, dad is copping very well with his chemotheraphy. Just finish cycle 5 last week and another 7 cycles to go. And I praised Allah too caused there is no side effect other than he feels tired after each session which he recover after 3 days after each treatment. Will continue praying for the best. Amin..

Me... Insyaallah will have another chance to visit Vienna again next week. It will be a reward for me after all that I've gone thru since early this year. The last time I was there is 4 years back. Will try to update my blog while I was there.

Thats it for now..:)