Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Help! Help! Help!.....

The photo speak for itself. This is currently my task for this whole week. *faint....*

Monday, September 5, 2011

Kerja Kerja

Hari ni 1st day masuk office setelah bercuti selama 11hari. Walau hati masih terkinja2 untuk meneruskan cuti, tapi digagahi juga. hahahah. Apa yang menanti di office sepanjang minggu ini dan minggu hadapan? Ada 3 proposal yang perlu disiapkan. Like Wats????

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Puas Hati...

Puas hati hari ni sebab dapat buat 3 launch kat FF 1MK. Body Step, Sh'bam and Body Jam. Rasa badan sangat lah ringan setelah asyik di isi dengan berbagai juadah yang lazat dan nyaman. Lets maintain the momentum. Yeeeehaaaa!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Beraya Di Gemas dan Sunglass Yg Cedera Parah..

Raya Ke-3 berpeluang beraya sekali lagi di Felda Bukit Jalor, Gemas Negeri Sembilan. Seronok beraya suasana kampung ni. Ditambah pula dihidangkan dengan kuah lemak tempoyak, hati masak kicap, dan berbagai lagi masakan kampung. Nyaman sungguh rasanya.

Sebelum bertolak ke Gemas, singgah beraya sebentar di Kg Tok Muda aka Edinburgh (kata tuan rumah hahaha). Disinilah berlakunya insiden sunglass yg "dihempap" oleh satu makhluk sehingga mengakibatkan ianya cedera parah dan tk dapat diselamatkan lagi. RIP. Kenalah mencarik penggantinya...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1st Day Raya 2011

Alhamdulillah, Syukur kerana dipanjangkan umur untuk meraikan Hari Kemenangan sekali lagi untuk tahun 2011. Walau berat hati meninggalkan Ramadan Al-Mubarak dan berdoa dipertemukan lagi pada Ramadan yang akan datang.

1st Day Raya sungguh bermakna. Berkumpul sanak saudara yang jarang berjumpa. Kedatangan teman2 juga amat dihargai dan menghiburkan. Maklumlah, masing2 sibuk dengan tugasan masing2 selama ini. Hari, sedikit sebanyak terubat rindu pada semua. Diharapkan hari esok lebih ceria lagi..

Friday, July 22, 2011

Another ASEAN Trip

Today, I will embark for another ASEAN trip. This time around, Yangoon which is the capital city of Myanmar will be the destination. It's a mix feeling. excited and at the same time nervous. Hope everything runs well.

Wish me Luck!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Frankfurt in 24hrs...An Overdue Post

Had a chance to stopover in Frankfurt on my way back to KL from Vienna. I just let the picture do the talking yeah;)

plane that flew me from Vienna to Frankfurt & Frankfurt Airport

My cozy little room @ Concorde Hotel Frankfurt & Frankfurt Main Train Station

View of the City.....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Vienna Revisit - Day 3 and 4

inilah salah satu pam yang kami jual

Wednesday and Thursday is quite a hectic day in the factory. Pump no 1 had a very high temperature at the thrust bearing which is unusual. They dismantle the bearing and found a burn mark at the inner race. After further investigation, it is concluded that the bearing lubrication is not enough. (remember peeps, make sure there is enough lubrication or else it will burn out.. hahahaha--> sgt stress sebenarnya!!). Today, they retest the pump for 4 hours to make sure there is no other problem arise and the result is good.

Pump no. 2 and 3 was tested without any problem. Tomorrow will be the wrap up day. Client will sign the result and the pumps will be send for painting and final inspection is schedule on 17th June 2011.

A friend of mine volunteerily bring us out for a walk in the city. Thanks Chee Mun for the time and energy.

entrance to my hotel

city of Vienna

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vienna Revisit - Day 2

Safely landed at Frankfurt International Airport around 6.30am local time. Clear immigration then proceed to Terminal 1 for a connecting flight to Vienna. The flight is schedule to depart at 10.40am. Wondering around Terminal 1. Frankly speaking, Frankfurt Airport is not as big and as happening compared to Amsterdam Schipol Airport. Found Starbuck and ordered an ice blended. The barista looked surprised and repeated my order to confirm. Then only I realised that its only 7am and I've ordered and ice blended. hahahaha.

Around 9.40am, I went to Gate B11 as schedule to get my boarding pass for my next flight. What a surprised, as the agent said my name was put on standby because I check-in late. Told them that I have a confirm booking and the counter only open at 9.40am. They, just don't bother coz they said the flight is overbooked. Deng!!. As if it is my problem. Finally, around 10.20am, I got my boarding pass. The flight to Vienna took around an hour.

Another drama at Vienna Airport. The pick up is not there when I arrived. Call the factory and they said there is a misunderstanding and advised me to take a taxi. Double Deng!! Arrived hotel around 1pm. feels hungry and sleepy. Sleepy won and I slept from 3pm till 4am. Woke up and look outside and the sun start to rise. Open the window and the smell of fresh bakery and chilly air rush into the room. Plus surrounded by an old building, what a feeling.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vienna Revisit

Wien, ich komme

Writing from the Golden Lounge while waiting to board the aircraft. The plane is expected to depart at 00:15hrs. Delayed for 20 minutes from the original ETD.

Been 4 years since the last time and this will be the first time I have to babysit 4 clients at once (apasal la nk gi ramai2 untuk FAT. sorang dah le). Anyway, I'm really glad to be the chosen one yet again.. hahahaha

Will try to update again while transiting in Frankfurt. Till then, please pray for my safe trip. Nite everyone...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Update

Wow.... It has been a while since my last post. Lots of thing happens since then.

Dad update... Alhamdulillah, dad is copping very well with his chemotheraphy. Just finish cycle 5 last week and another 7 cycles to go. And I praised Allah too caused there is no side effect other than he feels tired after each session which he recover after 3 days after each treatment. Will continue praying for the best. Amin..

Me... Insyaallah will have another chance to visit Vienna again next week. It will be a reward for me after all that I've gone thru since early this year. The last time I was there is 4 years back. Will try to update my blog while I was there.

Thats it for now..:)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Dad will be having his first Chemotherapy session tomorrow. I wish that everything will runs smoothly and the side effect will be minimum. I'm prepared for the outcome, but I'm not sure whether it is enough as a moral support to him.

Pray for the best...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dugaan Datang Lagi....

Dapat sms dari Along....

"Angah..nk bg tau mama jatuh dlm bilik mandi... patah tulang kat tgn kiri...dh bersimen""

MasyaAllah... tuhan terus menduga hambanya yang seorang ni. Baru je nak bernafas lega sikit, datang dugaan satu lagi.

Ya Allah, KAU teruskanlah berikan aku kekuatan dalam menghadapi semua ujian dan dugaanMU ini. aku redha, cuma berikanlah aku kesabaran. mungkin ada hikmah disebalik semua ini. InsyaAllah....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Day The Doctor Diagnosed Ayah With Stage 2 Colon Cancer - Part 3 (Surgery Day)

27th January 2011

The Surgery Day...

Ayah was pushed to the operating theater at around 1pm as the operation is schedule at 1.30pm. Early that day, me and Mama arrived early at the hospital. Followed by my aunty, Along and Adik. We accompanied Ayah until it is time for him to be pushed to the OT. We told Ayah that Insyaallah, everything will be fine.

The surgery took almost 4 hours. The doctor who operated on Ayah called us to show us the benign that have been taken out. 2/3 of Ayah colon was cut out. At around 7.30pm, Ayah was pushed back to the ward. We all felt relief that the surgery was successful and there is no complications whatsoever.

The doctor show part of the colon and the benign which was cut out

This benign was send to lab to be tested on how far it has infected the colon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Day The Doctor Diagnosed Ayah With Stage 2 Colon Cancer - Part 2

26th January 2011

The doctor had scheduled for the CT scan to be done at 10 am that morning. Ayah and Mama looks calmed even though I know deep inside them, they are worried. At around 9.45am, the nurse took Ayah down to the Imaging department to do the CT scan. I accompanied Ayah and advised him not to worry.

In the evening, the doctor came to see us and informed us that it is a stage 2 colon cancer. Dad need to be operate soonest and the doctor had scheduled him for an operation at 1.30pm 27th January 2011.

We only told close relatives about this news and I only told my closest friends. Words of encouraging came from all of them. Me and Mama together with Along and Adik tried to be strong as much as we can. We don't wanna worry Ayah too much as he will be having the operations the next day.

The Day The Doctor Diagnosed Ayah With Stage 2 Colon Cancer - Part 1

Tue 25th Jan 2011

I was at the gym. Just done with my BC and BJ theme class. Got a phone call from Mama telling me that Ayah was diagnosed with a Colon Cancer. They had found a benign in his colon. What was originally a simple endoscopic check up in the morning due to my dad complaining about having a stomach ache for the past months turned out to be something big.

After put down the phone, I rushed to take my shower and drove off to Tropicana Medical Center. When I arrived, Mama calmly told me that the doctor had diagnosed Ayah with a colon cancer. It was a mixed feelings for me. Never expect something such as this to happen in our family. Never in my life. Mama advised that tomorrow, doctor wanna do the CT scan to have a better look at the cyst and how far it had grown. Mama told all her siblings while me myself text my closed uncle which is Mama cousin about the news. Everyone was so shocked.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Pejam celik pejam celik dah nak masuk minggu terakhir Januari 2011. Cepat betul masa berlalu. Rasa macam perancangan untuk 2011 belum habis dirancang lagi..hrmmm. Kena lebih fokus... Chaiyok!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Love My Saturday....

I had a Great Saturday. Started my day with a brunch at O'Briens. As usual my choice will be Triple Decker and a bottle of mineral water. Then, head to the gym joining Body Attack and Body Jam together with Ms. Tea.

After that, we headed to Teh Tarik Place to have our tea. Spend more than 2 hours there chit chatting and gossiping to kill time as Ms. Tea will meet Ms Z for another PT session. Then, after Ms tea make a moved to Jaya, I headed to Quick Cut to have my haircut.

Then I remember that I still yet to redeem my birthday facial treatment at The Urbanite (formerly known as For Him). I went there and asked the therapist whether I can redeem my treatment there and then. She said, can. There I am, having my facial treatment which the last time I had seems ages.. hehehehe. Feel rejuvenate after the facial. Who not? hahaha.

Then headed home with all the happy feelings. Finally, I got to pampered myself which I supposed to do 3 weeks ago. I Love my Saturday.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Broga At Last..


All this while, i just saw friends photo on the top of Broga Hill. Yesterday, myself accompany by a Great cool crazy pack together with a macho photographer (ke?) went up hiking to the top of Broga Hill. At first, we plan to just climb until the 2nd peak but with the adrenalina (heheheheh) running high, we climb until to the highest point which is 400m (je?) above sea level.

The view from the top was spectacular. The cloudy and windy weather compliment the spectacular view. All and all, the sweats is all worth it... Enjoy the pic..

on the way to 2nd peak

3rd peak

at the peak

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me...

May all my wishes comes true...