Friday, February 21, 2014

Big Step

For the past two weeks, i have attended two interviews with one company. Its all start when i received a phone call from one head hunter from Singapore. During the conversation, he asked whether I'm interested to joint company B. I said why not give it a try.

on the same day, met a friend who are currently working with a recruitment company. I told her about this and suddenly she said why not give her my resume as currently company J is looking for a suitable candidates. In less than a week, received an email from my friend that the Director of company J wanna meet me for an interview.

i can say that it was a great interview. i feel happy and i think the Director also have the same feeling as he want me to meet the MD as this MD will be my mentor. And last Wednesday, I met with the MD. It is more like a informal discussion. Everything runs well and again I feel happy.

Now, I'm waiting for the result. If i get this new offer, it will be a big step for me. I've been with the current company for almost 14 years now. It is a long time and definitely there is sense of belonging. But i think i need to try something new. Try to challenge myself and see what else I can do in life.

Nevertheless, let see what the result is.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Darwin 2013

Actually Darwin is not in my travel plan (like I have any) until I saw below advertisement in the news paper 

A thought came into my mind on why not just joint the inaugural fight to Darwin. Basically MAS flew to Darwin few years back. However, due to the rationalisation they stop flying. Now, they reintroduce back the flight.

Darwin is not a big city like Sydney, Melbourne or any Australian city down south. It is a small city as big as Miri or Ipoh or perhaps even smaller. It is basically an Oil and Gas town. The weather is same like Malaysia with two main season Hot and Rain ;-).

During my visit, the raining season just started. On the last day, on my way to the airport in the wee hours, several road heading to the airport got flooded. Luckily the bus driver knows the other longer road which is not flooded.

Enough said, lets the photo talk...

Throwback Australia backpack Perth-Melbourne-Great Ocean Road-Sydney 2012 (Blue Mountain)- cont

After spending around 4 nights in Melbourne, I took a morning bus ride to Sydney from the Melbourne Central Station. The bus ride took around 8 hours plus via Canberra. It is quite an interesting journey though a bit long coz you can take a flight for just 1.5 hours hehehe.

Here are the photos...