Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st Day Of Ramadhan..

Alhamdulillah....Everything went well during the first day of Ramadhan. The wheather is cooling which is Great too. Syukur...

It just that deep in my heart, I feels like I'm missing something. The feeling of loneliness is too Great. Sigh!! Luckily I had my family, uncles n aunts and also my cousins who is here to breakfast, terawikh and sahur together.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another great day and weather. And hopefully the feeling of loneliness will disperse soonest. InsyaAllah..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where Had I Been?

It has been such a long time since my last update. It's not that I have nothing to share but I just could'nt find a right time for me to start typing. Finally today, I found some time to recap on what had happend for the past weeks.

August 2nd
Unplanned trip to Genting Highlands. Early that morning YT suddenly post a stat at FB whether we go to Genting or Sg Congkak. I choosed Genting coz it has been a while since I went to Genting. As I agreed to be the driver, YT asked Zaidi, Marul, Lut and Fei whether they wanna joint. Eveybody except marul agree to joint. After fetching them at Lut's house, Zaidi suggested that we had our lunch at nasi Ayam Mencongkam in Gombak. The nasi ayam was good. Then, after everyone was fulled, we drove to Goh Tong Jaya and took a cable car to Genting. It was cold and misty in Genting and we spend almost 6 hours at the top before everyone decided to go back as it getting colder.

August 8th
Went to picnic at Ulu Yam with friends (there was 11 of us). Really enjoy the company, the food, and the nature. We spend almost the whole day berendam and makan and berendam and makan again..hehehe. It was a Great moment since it has been a while since my last picnic by the river..

Later that night, myself, YT, Zaidi, Marul, Baby, Fei, Paul and few others went to watch Atilia perform at Alexis. It was a superb performance by Atilia.

August 15th
BBQ at Jue's house. It is a funfilled activity with lots of food. hehehe. Later that night, I drove to PD to joint the brothers for a night stay by the beach... It was an enjoyable weekend before the start of Ramadhan..

Thanks everyone for the company and enjoyable moments....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Festival Tari Malaysia 2009

last Wednesday, one of my gym instructor send me an sms asking me whether I would like to joint her to the Festival Tari Malaysia. This festival was held at Auditorium DBKL in conjunction with KL Festival. As I never watch this festival before, I excitedly agree with the idea.

It was an awesome performance by all participants which consist of 6 teams representing each zone namely Selangor, Melaka, Sabah, Sarawak, Pulau Pinang and Johor. They have to perform in 3 categories namely Tarian Tradisional Daerah, Tarian Rampaian Tradisional and Tarian Tradisional Kreasi Baru.

After 3 days of competition, Sabah came out as a winner. They took home a total prize of RM55K. Thanks Jue for inviting me as I had a really good time. Hope to watch more in future..


I was in Midlands,Texas from 15th till 22nd July 2009 including the travelling time. It was kinda rush travelling plan as I only got my US visa approved in the morning of 15th July 2009. It took me 4 days to travel to and from Midlands. Flight time is about 30hrs+. From Kuala Lumpur, I flew to Arlanda,Stockholm then onwards to Newark,New York with MAS. Then from Newark, I flew to Houston then to my final destination Midlands on Continental Airlines.

Midlands is a small city like Kuala Kangsar or Kuala Pilah. It's a flat land as u can see the view many miles away in clear sky. I came during summer and the temperature is high as 41degC and the sunset at 9pm and rise as early as 5am. At 8am you can already feel the heat.

I was here to Witness the String Test for the newly manufacture Diesel Engine FWP. The test was conducted in the middle of the desert and I have to be under the heat for the whole 4 hrs. What an experience.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience as I'm not sure when will I step my feet in US again. Here are some photos of Midlands.