Thursday, April 30, 2009

Are U

Are U ready to start things all over again after what you have been through?

Are U ready to start something with someone u least expect to have to start something with?

Are U ready to give up hope for something that u really hope to happen all this while?

Are U ready to face the consequences if u said YES for all the above?


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Tak tau la nk tunggu sampai bila but I can feel that I'm not going to wait any longer... I have to move on...I just cannot let another opportunities passed by..

Dah penat menunggu.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hong Kong

Finally, I managed to share some photos of my visit to Hong Kong. I went to Hong Kong right after I finished my conference in Sanya. It was not in my original plan but since the company is paying for the flight ticket, why not just spend a few days in Hong Kong and visit a "good" friend.Right??? ;-)

It was a good trip. Better than last year which I only spend a night there. Erm, seems like Hong kong will be in my travel plan every year..hahahahaha. (Hopefully..erm..)

Below are some of the photos. Enjoy..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I really like the melody and lyrics of this song by Sixth Sense (you can hear the song by clicking play at the right bottom corner of this blog) and would like to share with you guys. To one of my friend who is currently in dilemma (you know who you are), just follow your heart and lets the heart talk. May you meet someone that really appreciate and love you more. Enjoy...


Resah yang ku
Ubah dalam kata
Melukiskan kesunyian
Tanpa engkau aku tak mengerti

Pagi itu menatapi
Akan sunyi tanpamu
Menemani aku sepi

Cintamu aku resah
Kasihmu aku hampa
Dirimu aku mati

Kini benar-benarku rasakan
Dalam benuk hatiku tanpamu
Ku tak mengerti
Takut jauh dari dirimu
Kan kau tinggalkan aku sendiri
Tanpamu ku mati

Resah yang ku
Ubah dalam kata
Melukiskan kesunyian
Tanpa engkau aku tak mengerti

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sales Conference 2009 At Sheraton Sanya, Hainan Island, People Republic of China

As promised, this is my entry before i left Sanya tomorrow morning.

For the last five days (30th March - 3rd April), I was in Sanya, Hainan Island, People Republic of China for 2009 Sales Conference. This conference was held at Sheraton Sanya in Yalong Bay. It is about 45mins drive from Sanya Phoneix International Airport. Sanya became a popular destination since it hosted the Miss World last few years.

The wheather here is warm and windy and it drizzles sometimes. Overall, Sanya is a beautiful island and is a great place for honyemooners. Enjoy some of the photos taken here.

Sheraton Sanya landscape

Beach Front

Sanya night market

Sanya town at night

Waiting for dinner at one of the Muslim restaurant

The Beach

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lucky Week.. has been a while since I last update this blog.. The thing is I'm quite occupied this couple of weeks with the moving to the new office thingy.. Plus I have to finish the unpacking before leaving the office for more than 10 days. (off to Sanya, Hainan Island and HKG)

However, I believed that the past week is my lucky week... starting from winning a 128 Foubroug voucher from Menshealth to winning the Big Shift Lucky Draw until I got the 1st runner up during the dance challenge in FF Uptown. Syukur Alhamdulillah...

And my luckyness not just end last week. Yesterday, I received an sms from "Loreal Man" asking me to collect a ticket to Malaysia Grand Prix this weekend at Guardian KLCC. Just wonder out of so many Guardian in Malaysia why KLCC? erm... Tried to asked a friend to collect the ticket on behalf of me but still dunno the outcome.. Kalau tak boleh, sedekah je la. Maybe ada hikmah disebaliknya. Maybe I will be luckier in future...

I think thats all from now. Will try to update again before the end of the conference in Sanya..

Below are the prizes that I won..

128 Foubroug voucher from Menshealth

Big Shift Lucky Draw

1st Runner Up Dance Challenge

Dance Challenge at FF Uptown

Group Photo@ FF Uptown after BJ48 plus (Dance Challenge)