Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Remembering MH370

Sgt terkesan dgn tragedi yang berlaku.
MH is part of my life. My father is MH retiree, My sis and My uncle is still with MH. I have friends who is also still with MH. I can feel the sadness. I can feel the grieving. My prayers always with all of u the crews and paxs of MH370 "AL-FATIHAH" ‪#‎rememberingmh370‬ ‪#‎sad‬ ‪#‎grieve‬

Monday, March 3, 2014

Two Concerts in March

Yeay!!.. Month of waiting is finally over. Can't wait for my first concert this year. The first concert is Konsert Teaterikal Suara Kita featuring Awie, Erra and Ziana Zain which will be held from 3rd to 9th March 2014.

The second concert is Dayang and Marcell Pesona Cinta which will be held on 29th March 2014. This will be a great combination. Can't wait..

Actually there is another concert on 28th March featuring Afghan. So tempting.. hahaha..