Monday, April 19, 2010

The Day I Found Out That My MD Is an %SS H#%E

Guys, first and foremost. Mind my language. It just what I felt right now.

Ingatnya malam ni nak membalas tag sis Juwita. Tapi memandangkan jiwa kacau, fikiran meracau dan seluruh badan sasau bila teringat kembali kata2 yang didengar siang tadi, terus tukar fikiran dan apa yang ditulis malam ni adalah berdasarkan apa yang dirasakan saat ini.

As u guys know, I've been promoted since January and for you guys information, I still did not get my increment since then. Bulan 1 takde, Bulan 2 takde, Bulan 3 takde. And every month, after we got our payslip, my immediate superior(lets call him Mr. J) will ask me, Have u get your increment? Have you get your increment? Have you get your increment?And every month I will give the same answer to him. NO, NO and NO.

Last month, Mr. J told me that, he had talked to the ED about this matters and asked me to be patient and I do not hear any news from him since then.

Today, at around 6.45pm, I had a Teh Tarik session at one of the mamak near my office with a good friends who works in the account department. She is also close with Mr. J. After "gossipping" here and there, suddenly she said."Do you know why you still haven't get your increment?". Then I respond, "Nope. why?". She said Mr. J had told her why. She said she is not suppose to tell me this but since we are very close and there is no secret between us and she also feels that the MD is not supposed to do what he has done to me with regards to my increment she will tell.

She told me that, Mr.J had told the ED about my case. The ED was surprised cause how can I've been promoted since January but still do not get my increment. Then, she said, the ED and Mr. J go and meet the MD. The ED asked the MD, "Why Azrul still do not get his increment?". And the stupid response from my MD, "He is still on PROBATION!!!!". (PROBATION kepala hotak dia. aku dah keje nak masuk 1o tahun, probation apa kejadahnya lagi). MR. J and ED looks at each other confuse.Then, the ED asked," Why is he on probation?". The MD said"owh, he just been promoted to become a manager, that is why we need to put him under probation and see how he perform". Then the ED told the MD "The reason why we promote him is because of his past performance. Based on his performance for the past years, he is qualify enough to become a manager and thats why we promoted him. He also has been working with this company for almost 10 years, bukan nyer baru masuk nak kena probation". Then the MD just keep quite. Mr. J and ED left MD office with disbelieved.

After heard what she said, suddenly I just felt VERYYYYYYYYYYYY MAD!!!.Rasa nak bom je orang tua biar berkecai!!!! Lain kali, kalau nak promote orang, tapi tak mampu nak bayar gaji, tak payah la promote.%#@%$. Ada ke orang promote kena probation 6 bulan macam baru masuk kerja. Aku dah kerja 9 tahun la, 9 TAHUN!!!!, bukan 9 bulan, bukan 9 hari.

So, If you guys were in my place, how do you feel? I feels like all this while the company has not acknowledge what I have done for the past 9 years. I feel unappreciated. And with all the mixed feelings that I felt now, I don't think that I want to work with this company anymore. Enough is enough. kerja macam nak mampus, tapi treat staff macam sampah.ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

show the middle finger to the MD granny....