Thursday, January 28, 2010

Road Trip "NZ"

This is my plan for this year. Rent a caravan and do a road trip and cover as much as possible the KIWI land

I Already got a sample itenary and contact details for the relevant parties in New Zealand from My Bro Sam n Sis Saerah. Now, its a planning stage. Hopefully this will be a reality.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snap Snap HKG & MACAU Jan 2010

Below are some of the pictures that I took from my previous trip to Hongkong and Macau. Hope you guys enjoy..



Saturday, January 23, 2010

How Do You Feel If....

Second Management meeting yesterday in the office. At the beginning, everything runs smoothly. The bosses all in their good mood. The MD open speech.The ED speech. Then, its time for the department head to tell what is their plan for this year. What they want to do in order to make more income to the company.

The first to be asked is the new After Market Manager aka MD son. The father asked, X (not a real name), whats your plan for the whole year, what you as a manager going to do. X with full of confident explaining the work that he has been doing all this while. Then the ED explain again on what the company needs him to do. The MD aka the father also explain to him what the company expect him to do. Then, they asked him again, whats in you mind. Again, he explain the same thing. The thing he has been doing all this while. This scenario (boss explaining what he supposed to do and X keep on explaining the same thing) keep on repeating for a while. Everybody was quiet and quite piss off coz he really not answering. Then, the ED explain, "X, we know what are you doing now. But now, u as a manager will not be doing the same things again. You have to go out, meet the customer. Find new business opportunity.bla bla bla."

Suddenly X shouted, "Why everybody is pointing/targetting me. Azrul also a new manager, why you all don't want to asked him bla bla bla". The father stunned, the ED stunned. Everybody was a bit surprise with his attitude. In my heart "HOI...'X,' DAH TENTU LA ORANG TGH CAKAP PASAL DEPARTMENT KO. APA HAL PULAK ORANG NAK TANYA AKU PASAL DEPARTMENT KO. APA KENA MENGENA DEPARTMENT AKU NAGN KO. DAH LA ENGKAU TAK MENJAWAB SOALAN, LAGI NAK TINGGI2 SUARA...%#@%$--sambil tersenyum sinis"

As an MD and as a father, how do you feel if your son said something like that in front of the other bosses, in front of your subordinate. Kalau I, dah lama dah halau anak I. Memalukan jer... Dah la tak menjawab soalan apa yang ditanya. Tiba2 nak piss off pulak bila orang concentrate at him. The ED is quiet and I can see his face turned red. I think, if he doesnt think that the one who shouted just now is the MD son, dah lama dah budak tu kena maki hamun. My ED is a Great guy and jarang marah. But once he mad, haiyo... pokok pun boleh tumbang.

There goes my second management meeting. Do I have to see his stupidity in every 3rd monday of the month? hrmmm.. I think better I remain to my previous position lagi senang. Haish!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

OTWC @ UOA Bangsar

A bit lazy to workout today. Call YT and he asked me to joint him at his new office in Bangsar (Menara UOA). Took lrt from Asia Jaya station. Arrived Menara UOA around 6pm.

After a brief tour of his new office and waited for about half and hour for him to finish his work (katanya). We had our lite snack at OTWC which has a Great view in terms of people and surrounding ;-).

While YT try to finish his work (seems like forever), this is what I do. Blogging and Facebooking. Surprisingly, the connection here is quiet fast. Maybe it can be a new port for lepakking after work if I feel I want to skip gym...hehehehe.

facebooking while waiting for YT to finish his work...

Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 - New Job Title, Additional Role and More Responsibility

Start my first day in the office for 2010 on 11th January. In the afternoon, my senior manager sms me saying there might be a good news for me this year. He has recommend to the Directorfor my...... To tell the truth, I don't really bother what he really wanted to tell me. I just said Thanks. For me maybe if theres a good news, I'm Happy but if not, its ok with me.

Yesterday, there was a management meeting and to my surprise, I was called to be in the meeting too. Hrmm...suspense ni. Coz I never been to a management meeting before. In the meeting the director talk about last year performance bla bla bla... Then he said, to make the team stronger in facing a more challenging year and as an appreciation to the staff loyalty, the company has decided to promote few people and one of them is me...hrmmm.

What I feel about all this? to tell the truth I have mix feeling. Happy but at the same time a bit scared coz there will be more responsibility plus a long extra hours in the office (hope not). There will be lots of meeting client, principal. Lots of travelling... Am I able to do all this? sigh.

To my senior manager, thanks for your recommendation and trust on me. Insyaallah I will try to do my best to assist you in any way possible. To the management, thanks for the opportunity. To family and friends, please pray for me. Semoga semuanya berjalan lancar Insyaallah...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The End

After almost 7 days of holidays, finally it come to an end. sigh....

Sigh? Why do I have to sigh. Its a new year, new challenge. I should be Happy (am I? hrmm). Back to the same routine agian. Office, gym and sleep.

I wish 2010 will be an exciting year for me. Looking forward to receive more challenges in my career, more exciting personal life, meeting new people and also have a chance to visit other countries. "KIWI" perhaps.

Brace yourself for another long exciting 2010. Hopefully...;-)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Most Awaited Holiday

Finally, the most awaited holiday had arrived.

Looking forward to spend a Great time and rejuvenate myself for the whole week before starting another hectic year in the office.

HKG / I come...


New Year, New Age, New Resolutions?? hrmm. I don't think so. Just go with the flow..

Had a Great New Year where I spend the whole day watching movies. Starting from Muallaf and end it with Alvin and The Chipmunks 2.

To make the day more interesting is a mini Bday celebration by a group of Great friends at Uptown Damansara. What a Great surprise. Thanks guys for the cup cakes and the gift. Really appreciate it.

Looking forward for a long awaited Holiday.