Friday, February 21, 2014

Big Step

For the past two weeks, i have attended two interviews with one company. Its all start when i received a phone call from one head hunter from Singapore. During the conversation, he asked whether I'm interested to joint company B. I said why not give it a try.

on the same day, met a friend who are currently working with a recruitment company. I told her about this and suddenly she said why not give her my resume as currently company J is looking for a suitable candidates. In less than a week, received an email from my friend that the Director of company J wanna meet me for an interview.

i can say that it was a great interview. i feel happy and i think the Director also have the same feeling as he want me to meet the MD as this MD will be my mentor. And last Wednesday, I met with the MD. It is more like a informal discussion. Everything runs well and again I feel happy.

Now, I'm waiting for the result. If i get this new offer, it will be a big step for me. I've been with the current company for almost 14 years now. It is a long time and definitely there is sense of belonging. But i think i need to try something new. Try to challenge myself and see what else I can do in life.

Nevertheless, let see what the result is.

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